In this course, we discuss grounding concepts and show how you can use XGSLab software to design your grounding system and perform system analysis.

This course covers the following concepts:

  • Components of a grounding design
  • Personnel safety with regard to IEEE Std 80
  • Measuring and characterizing soil resistivity
  • Seasonal effects on grounding performance
  • Ground fault current and current split

This course shows how grounding concepts may be implemented in the GSA or GSA_FD modules of XGSLab by discussing:

  • XGSLab interface and settings
  • Conductor library 
  • Drafting grounding systems
  • Importing grounding systems
  • Calculating ground potential rise, touch voltages, and step voltages
  • Soil resistivity analyzer
  • Seasonal analysis
  • Modeling ground fault and calculating fault split
  • Generating automated reports

You have up to 45 days after your enrollment to complete the course.

This course is eligible for 0.2 CEU credits.

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You can use your own version of XGSLab to practice the concepts of this training.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • VIDEO: Grounding Introduction and Overview (19 min.)

    • QUIZ: Grounding Introduction and Overview

    • VIDEO: XGSLab Background and Interface (4 min.)

    • QUIZ: XGSLab Background and Interface

  • 2

    Grounding Design and Components

    • Grounding Design and Components

    • VIDEO: Grounding Design and Components (17 min.)

    • QUIZ: Grounding Design and Components

    • VIDEO: Drafting and Conductor Library (13 min.)

    • QUIZ: Drafting and Conductor Library

    • VIDEO: Importing CAD Files (8 min.)

    • QUIZ: Importing CAD Files

  • 3

    Personnel Safety

    • Personnel Safety

    • VIDEO: Personnel Safety Criteria (17 min.)

    • QUIZ: Personnel Safety Criteria

    • VIDEO: Touch and Step Voltages (4 min.)

    • QUIZ: Touch and Step Voltages

    • VIDEO: Area and Line Calculations (13 min.)

    • QUIZ: Area and Line Calculations

  • 4

    Soil Modeling

    • Soil Modeling

    • VIDEO: Grounding Soil Data and Modeling (26 min.)

    • QUIZ: Grounding Soil Data and Modeling

    • VIDEO: Multilayer Soil Modeling (7 min.)

    • QUIZ: Multilayer Soil Modeling Quiz

    • VIDEO: Multizone Soil Modeling (3 min.)

    • QUIZ: Multizone Soil Modeling

  • 5

    Seasonal Analysis

    • Seasonal Analysis

    • VIDEO: Seasonal Analysis Effects on Grounding (12 min.)

    • QUIZ: Seasonal Analysis Effects on Grounding Quiz

    • VIDEO: Seasonal Analysis (17 min.)

    • QUIZ: Seasonal Analysis

  • 6

    Ground Fault Current

    • Ground Fault Current

    • VIDEO: Ground Fault Current (13 min.)

    • QUIZ: Ground Fault Current

    • VIDEO: Grounding Energization and Impedance (10 min.)

    • QUIZ: Grounding Energization and Impedance

  • 7

    Fault Current Split

    • Fault Current Split

    • VIDEO: Fault Current Split (18 min.)

    • QUIZ: Fault Current Split

    • VIDEO: Fault Current Split and Training Conclusion (9 min.)

    • Conclusion

  • 8

    IEEE Continuing Education Course Evaluation

    • IEEE Continuing Education Course Evaluation